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I remember when I was just 5yrs old my mom took my hand and walked me into a Mcdonalds. To my surprise a big furry bunny walked from around the corner and kinda hopped over in my direction. I was just so shocked that a bunny could be so big ( a costume of course) and why the heck a bunny was coming over to see me and why we weren’t getting our food…WELL…he knelt down, gave me his hand, can you believe I got a prize…for What might you ask?? I had WON my very first Coloring contest! It was like magic! me being there with people staring and giggling, while I smiled back at the bunny. I just couldn’t believe they picked ME! ME out of everyone that colored pictures they picked MINE!
Well I just wanted to tell everyone who have adopted babies from me and continue to believe in me…picking one of my babies out of many many artists out there just brings me right back to that wonderful childhood feeling… you picked ME? really ME? It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
THANK YOU my big fuzzy bunnies, thank you!

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Adorable, fluffy, incredibly real faces, and unique Beanstalk Budds!!

What a perfect Bday present or Christmas present? So adorable and cuddley!!

Here are all the Details of your Beanstalk Budd
► 16 inches long

►Adorable bunny body (green, grey, purple or pink) GLOWING colorful eyes

►Filling for the doll consists of polly pellets, poly fiber and love

►3D hyper realistic painting done with heat set Genesis paints on the face

***The body is connected to the head and NOT REMOVABLE**

►Lots of details created in my style of painting

►Glossed in all the right places

►All babies are realistically weighted fits NB clothes 

►Certificate of authenticity included with your Beanstalk Budd 

►baby goes home with a Twisted Beanstalk onsie, Beanstalk blanket and Beanstalk hat (TRADEMARK OWNER)

 💜All Bean babies are created with extra hugs and kisses from my heart to yours!

💜I ship world wide at buyer’s expense

💜💜💜Bean Babies are created from my imagination and heart to yours.  Each baby takes hours and hours to create.  Lots of love goes into each and every one.  All my work is original and inspired by my inner child.  My dolls are highly sought after pieces of artwork to collect.  My dolls are NOT intended for children and must be treated as artwork.  Each doll is one of a kind and I take much pride in making your perfect little Beanstalk Budd

Beanstalk babies are protected by Copyright and Trademarked 2010-2021




Beanstalk Budds

  • All Beanstalk Budds are one of a kind by artist Bean Shanine

    hyper realism

    painted in many many layers of genesis heat set paints