“An eccentric artist is making a living out of the dead – by creating incredibly spooky zombie dolls which are proving a hit around the world. From vampire-like teeth to pale skin and piercing red eyes, creative Bean Shanine, 32, dedicates up to eight hours a day bringing to ‘life’ her zombie babies.”
— DailyMail.co.uk

It all begins when I was a child, I was always a gifted artist but never really saw myself as that.  Everyone always told me that I was going to grow up  to be an artist, of course that was before the internet so I wasn't confident I was good enough at all.  With very nurturing parents I was well on my way. My mom always says im a DOOER and her biggest regret is not being able to take the wall I drew all over as a kid, she said it was just so beautiful!!  Nurturing that gift is so important in life!

Years later Beginning of 2010 I stumbled upon Reborns on the internet.  I instantly wanted to make my best friend a zombie baby, I knew she would appreciate it.  Thats basically where it all started!! I had no Idea 11 years later I would be calling my craft a Career.  Fantasy babies is in my blood, Art its part of my DNA, its my calling and my purpose in life.  People know me as a very sparkly, cheerful Unicorn LOL.  They all call me that and I have to say i just LOVE it!!  People ask me all the time how do I come up with ideas, but they just pop right into my head, my brain is busy all the time, I see art in everything, or things Ive gone through.  I just see it as clear as day.  For me i HAVE to paint, I get an itch I just have to scratch, its like feeling dehydrated and needing a drink, or running you need to stop for air, or being hungry and need a snack.  Thats how I feel when I get called to create and paint.  Sometimes its for 15 hours, sometimes I take a few days off, its natural for me.  and I have to listen for that call and react on it.  To me its breathing.

I now teach classes to make fantasy reborns.  People from around the world attend.  

I have furthered my skills over the years and im always looking to better myself as an artist.  I just introduced a new line of "Beanstalk Budds" which are a combination of adorable and creepy lol, and very affordable.  They are so fun to make!  Im also working on painting *canvases* to further my art journey. 

Because of dolls I have been able to really hit my goals in life I didn't even think were possible 10 years ago.  One being my childhood dream of owning my own Clydesdale horse.  Its so important to have that comfort in life and way to relax and get out  of the house.  He is my most amazing thing and I love him so much! his name is Dream and hes a sexy beast!!  People pay for therapy, my therapy is my horse!  Plus *I secretly think he is a unicorn*

The most amazing milestone in my life though is fostering babies.  Real babies. Its so important to give back when blessed with so many gifts.  My other gift is nurturing my fosters.  there is no higher gratification then being able to touch a life with a life long gift of nurturing and love!  My babies thrive.  happiness is contagious.  I'm most happy when I get to cuddle a foster baby!  

Any other info your welcome to call me anytime

Im really not a good writer lol

one day IM going to hire a ghost writer to document my life and my art journey!

More About Me

If you were to ask a friend of mine who am I as a person…well I would hope they would say… that I am the kind of person who has the ability to just make you smile for no reason, someone who would give you a good laugh for blurting out random things that most of the time don’t make any sense at all, kind and loving, giving and caring, a bright colorful social butterfly who definitely doesn’t get out enough, maybe a little socially slllowww (hey I told you I say random things) very ditsy but doesn’t realize it most of the time that’s why I’m always a great laugh, very bright personality and just bright in general with a sleeve of colorful tattoos and magenta pink hair, very sarcastic, my glass is always full not always empty, always going going going going and doing doing doing something (not OCD) I promise. So yeah that’s me! and Iam just getting started! So watch out Reborn world here I come.