Realistic Vampire infant CUSTOM Custom Zombie Baby Custom Punk/Regular Toddler Sized

Order a Custom Reborn

Due to the amount of orders coming into The Twisted Beanstalk Nursery, I will give an estimate of how long your doll will take to produce.  As of right now, I’m taking up to 16 weeks to produce orders.  Yes, you might get your doll earlier then that!  But please realize I’m only one person.  Though I work fast, I do like to have the opportunity to create naturally, thank you!


Prices vary depending on size and reborn kit used, open eyed or rooted hair, also the bigger the baby the more supplies needed so the price will be more for toddlers. Please keep in mind it takes a min of 20hrs to complete one single doll… this is not including the hair or putting them together. It takes a total of 20 to 30 hrs to complete one single reborn baby!

ALL Bean babies customers are Invoiced when the order is made, by paying the non refundable deposit you are agreeing to my terms and conditions for my dolls.  ALL customers are now sent invoices that are also my contracts.  I will NOT work on any babies unless my terms and conditions are MET!  I’m extremely reputable and a hard worker, you will be very happy working with me! I’m very easy to work with but now do to the high volume of dolls being produced I must CONTRACT out my work.

Straight from my Heart to Yours! XoXo
- Bean Shanine

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Please contact me if you are interested in a custom reborn!

Pricing      ALL ORDERS WILL BE WA STATE TAXED 8.6% (ALL paypal payments 2.9%)    

  • Babies newborn size(monster, norm)no Lmt Edtions:              $950 and up

  • Bigger babies 3 to 6 month size(Lulu, Laura):     $1250 and up

  • Toddler Babies 12 months to 2yr olds ( Avea):     $1600 and up  

  • Child size Reborn dolls(Claudia):                      $3500                                                                    *Bill me later*                                                     

  • Long sold out limited Editions:                  $1600 and up

  • Limited Editions but still available:     $1600 and up

Some babies produced at The Twisted Bean Stalk Nursery are created out of *world wide* limited editions and sold out doll kits.  I’m only able to get certain kits at certain times and some are not able to be purchased ever again *Sad face*..ALL my babies are one of a kind and some will never ever be produced AGAIN!  I will be putting out some Long Sold out limited editions in the next couple of months…please keep checking back!!  Pobby is an example of a limited edition doll kit, once she is sold out she will never be produced again…Better hurry before she is gone forever =0

My Turn around time right now is 16 to 18 weeks.  I will be happy to offer you a layaway plan while your baby is being created.  However, for people wanting a layaway plane a non refundable deposit will be taken while you order and to hold your spot.  I will also send a contract of sale for you to sign with the baby you want and date I have to finish it, there will also be TERMS in the agreement!  This is to prevent people from getting me to create the doll and then saying they can’t pay for another few doesn’t work that way sorry…I will give you a time frame and you MUST follow my terms on Layaway payments!! Thank you!!


Questions & Answers

Do you make child size “normal” reborns? I do NOT make normal child size reborn, only characters or monster babies!

Where do you get the fangs? I sculpt all my own fangs! they are not for sale and Im sorry I cannot only put fangs on a doll. I only work on my own creations.

Does TBSN (Twisted Bean Stalk Nursery) make normal Reborn’s? YES I do make normal ones but I love adding a little twist to all my babies.

Does TBSN make babies from portraits? Yes to the best of my ability, keep in mind I can only do the painting but I can send you pictures of kits that are similar to the portrait being created.

Does TBSN take custom orders? YES all the time I’m very happy to do so!

Does TBSN make biracial reborns? YES I sure do!

Does TBSN remake any previous created reborns? Only of my OWN work, I can reproduce to the best of my ability, there will always be a slight difference in shades used to paint the baby, eye color, hair color ect.. but I would be happy to recreate my own work.

Do you root your babies? Yes I root with platinum ultra premium mohair that you can style, wash and comb as you please. I use beautiful human hair blend wigs for my toddlers that are secured in place. If you wanted fine rooted baby hair I have a specialist who does it for me. So it will look as real as possible. I also paint hair.

Can you take payments on babies? Yes I can take payments, half down is always due upon ordering your baby. This is a non refundable deposit. The other half is due when the baby is all finished plus shipping OR you can pay every 2wks until the baby is paid off! Yeah, this helps out a lot of people so I’m glad to do so for you guys.

How long before I get my baby? Please allow 4 to 6wks for your baby to be created.

Do you ship Internationally? I sure do! but keep in mind YOU are responsible for your own countries taxes and duties. I do ship my babies all priority mail so you will get your baby fast! and safe! Express for international.

I saw a baby on YouTube can you recreate it? NO I only reproduce my Own work!! I sign all my babies before leaving my Twisted Bean Stalk Nursery and they also come with a certificate of authenticity. also a copyright symbol with date is placed on the doll so they cannot by law be reproduced by any other artist. ALL my babies are 100% my own creations and protected by copyright, so what you are getting is the real deal Bean Baby.

What kind of material are used in the babies? The head and limbs are vinyl very soft and pretty flexible. The limbs are hollow and you fill them up with tiny glass granules this gives the baby a real weight, the body is a soft suede that is jointed. Meaning, you can pose the baby in many positions. Inside the body is poly pellets for a “squishy tooshie” yes I actually just said that. Then filled with premium polyfill fiber all in the body, limbs and head. Sometimes there will be magnets inside the head by the mouth so the baby will take a paci. ALL my products are brand new and premium quality, there is never any sand used in my babies so they can be shipped world wide. Due to the materials used inside my reborn babies, these babies are NOT suitable for children under the age of 12yrs old!!

Can you make a child friendly reborn? Yes I can, I would just keep out the weighed materials and just use polyfill, however the paint is still very delicate.

Please contact me if you are interested in a custom reborn!

Realistic Vampire infant CUSTOM

Realistic Vampire infant CUSTOM

Hand Painted by PROFESSIONAL Reborn Baby Artist “Bean Shanine”

Custom Vampire Baby

New born baby Vampire,  custom belly plate and custom body

Real baby weight of 6 lbs 2oz, weighted with a combination of tiny glass beads, poly pellets, purified tiny granite for extra weight

Painted with Heat set Genesis paints in many many layers so baby looks incredibly real, with 3D skin tones! Sealed with a varnish so your baby will be beautiful for eternity, Extreme painted Hyper REALISM 3D newborn hair OR Rooted

Sleeping baby OR awake with Hand sculpted baby vampire fangs

One of a Kind art baby,Rooted eyelashes

Only the FINEST products used IN and ON my babies!!  There is NO sand ever used in my babies so they can be shipped WORLD WIDE


Layaway can be approved

World wide shipping You will be invoiced for the shipping amount when the baby is created and ready to go!

$1450.00 Plus Shipping

Custom Zombie Baby

Custom Zombie Baby

Custom Zombie Baby

Your choice of Reborn kit/Boy or Girl/Awake ONLY…LIMITED EDITION REBORN KITS NOT INCLUDED!!!!

Color of glowing eyes your choice

18 to 22 inch baby/ 5 to 8lbs

Painted hair OR fine rooted hair any color

Please allow me 4wks to make your perfect little zombie baby!  Half can be paid upon ordering and the other half can be paid when the baby is done

The Twisted Bean Stalk Nursery turn around it 12 weeks

Layaway goes as follow: there will be a $350 NON refundable deposit taken at time of ORDER!  You are welcome to make payments over the 12 weeks it takes me to produce your doll, however they MUST be paid in full by the end period of 12 weeks OR your will forfeit all your payments..there will be no extended layaway plans..I will give you a date that your baby will have to be paid off by.

World wide shipping

$750.00 Plus Shipping

Custom Punk/Regular Toddler Sized

Custom Punk/Regular Toddler Sized


Custom Toddler/Steampunk/Regular YOUR decision! LIMITED EDITION KITS NOT INCLUDED!!!!

Very realistic Toddler of your choice and kit that is in STOCK

Rooted on smaller toddlers/wig on big toddlers

Girl OR boy

Painted with heat set Genesis paints/sealed with a varnish so baby will look beautiful forever!

Glass eyes of any color/Any color of hair

Weighted with a combination of glass beads, poly pellets, poly fil, Doe suede jointed body so baby can sit up


Any toddler kit from 23 inches long to 28 inches long, perfect for 6 month to 18 month size

One of a kind paint job by Reborn artist “Bean Shanine”


World Wide Shipping!

I can do a layaway plan please just contact me for the terms.  The deposit is to HOLD YOUR SPOT! and payments can be made over the 6wks it takes to make your special toddler

DEPOSIT ONLY $450.00  ($1500.00 in total)