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  1. Josephine May 11, 2013

    I also am pleased to say I own one of Bean’s baby. She is not a vampire or a zombie but the most amazing realistic baby I have ever seen. Her name is Olivia and I love her: not as a replacement baby, but as a beautiful piece of art. Thank you Bean and my hope for you is to be recognized as the special artist and person that you are.

  2. Jennifer May 11, 2013

    I just received Zalina and she is so beautiful. I can’t get over all the detail. I am so happy to add her to my doll family. Thank you so much

  3. Asha May 11, 2013

    I absolutely love your dolls. They’re so realistic in person. I have gotten many compliments on your dolls. Bean puts so much love and care into each doll and it shows amazingly.

  4. Lexi May 11, 2013

    I recently purchased an adorable little zombie baby from The Twisted Bean Stalk Nursery. She is by far my favorite. I just adore her! She is incredibly realistic, not only in her painting but also in the way she feels when you hold her. She feels just like a real baby! I have had many reborns, by many talented artists, both traditional ones as well as monsters, but there is something magical about the babies Bean creates. They are stunningly beautiful works of art. She is absolutely worth every penny! I feel so fortunate to have my little one from Bean, and I hope to have many more in the future! <3

  5. Katie May 11, 2013

    Hi! I’m Stella’s new mommy and i just adore her! she’s GREAT quality and bean is so sweet! she packed her well and i got a few surprises as well. I highly recommend Bean’s babies!

  6. Karen May 11, 2013

    In the doll world you have your babies and you have your bean babies.I hope everyone is blessed to get one of her dolls for their collection.My first bean baby was a doll i fell in love with way out of my price range but very much worth it.she worked out payment plans until the baby was mine.and during this time I had made a lifetime friend in bean even naming my baby after her.I knew the moment i touched that doll that she was special,from her perfectly rooted hair to her amazing little toes ….I love her..she goes everywhere with me.Now Bean is doing a custom for me.Im so excited but even better I have made a friend in this amazing ,talented,goofy,beautiful soul.I love you bean!

  7. M. Lawrence May 11, 2013

    oh my goodness! i have collected dolls since I was 14 of many, many different styles and artists and mediums. These… i cannot even describe. i have not yet ordered and really will be ordering very very shortly. i cannot even make a decision!!! normal baby? vamp baby? zombie baby? but i am leaning toward the pointy-eared elfin-looking newborn. i cannot resist!!! so beautifully creepy and gorgeous at the same time. for any collector, these are gems!!!!

  8. Michelle May 11, 2013

    The greatest artist ever she did my Gigi beautifully could not have asked for more in my perfect little baby girl my dream baby girl (My Love Angel)!!!!! She went beyond expectations. You will never find a better artist for your baby! I will never work with another artist! Don’t think twice in finding another artist no need to look any further you will not find any better! Bean is the best of the best! She’s amazing to work with very funny & very extraordinary but in a good way lol!!!! She’s one in a million much love to her thanks B don’t know where I’d be without you thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!

  9. Emily May 11, 2013

    I have so far purchased three dolls from Bean, one of which was a special order. I have to say that the financial investment into them was the most valuable and worthwhile money I have ever spent. I would buy a bunch more of I could. They bring me so much pleasure and joy to have around. I have loved every day with them in my house and only wish I could take them places to show them off. People fawn over the photos I take of them all together, as my collection grows. I would have to say that out of all my reborn babies, Bean’s are the most realistic, the best quality and my absolute favorite. I am already saving up for my next special order – or anything she makes that catches my eye – for later in the year. Bean, thank you for my punk and vampire ‘not vampire’ Victorian girl beauties. Keep up the good work.

  10. Bailey May 11, 2013

    There just aren’t enough words to describe how I felt when I first saw her!!! She is so gorgeous!!! The best I have ever get!!! Her beauty is breathtaking! YOu did an amazing job!!! I just can’t say enough good things about her. She’s so beautiful and well done!!! I just can’t get over her. Her hair and painting is PERFECT!!! SHe looks like a real baby. The packaging on this doll was out of this WORLD!!! All the extras sent are wonderful and beautifully packed with all these beautiful ribbons and colourful papers. All the clothes are precious, the shoes, the acessories, the bracelet, the key, are everything soooo wonderful. The best box ever!!! My favorites are the tutu skirt, Her floral sleeper and her pink fur jumber! I usually change my babies but I have left her in her original dress, exactly the way you have dressed her because I love her that way and I just can’t think a better dressing for her. Oh, I love her soooo much and I will never part with her!Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this beautiful little treasure, your the greatest,You are truly gifted thanks again for sharing it!

  11. Michelle May 11, 2013

    My beautiful fairy baby arrived and she is magnificent! perfect cross of cuteness and mythic whimsy! She is wonderfully painted and weighted! Perfect newborn/preemie size! I cannot say enough good things about Bean and how wonderful she has been to me through my pickyness and emails to her! Thanks Bean! Wonderful work!

  12. sophie June 3, 2013

    bean your just one beautiful women

  13. Samantha Salazar June 11, 2013

    im overjoyed with baby zombie Zage she is beautiful and I love the head full of rooted strawberry blonde hair she truly brings me tons of joy and smiles everytime I look at her.:)

  14. nikki July 10, 2013

    Hi Bean, as a reborn artist (part time and mainly only for the love of creating) I just wanted to say I think your work is amazingly creative. I just adore your baby vampires. I am such a girl with a little dark streak running throughout, I hope to own one of your magical little creatures at some point. I wanted to thank you for thinking outside the box and making reborn babies amazingly weird… in the right way !

  15. Claudia Daniels July 11, 2013

    Just received my Zombie Baby JUDITH aka “Little Asskicker” she is so adorable, you are truly a great Artist. This baby will go and meet Michael Rooker,(Merle Dixon) and Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) from the hit TV Show The Walking Dead. I will send you photos. Thank you so much, she is awesome as well as you, you ROCK !!!

  16. Suela August 10, 2013

    I now have two Bean Babies. They are AWESOME! They are really the gems in my newborn collection. I am so excited to have them! Bean is a truly talented and creative reborn artist! I have been following her work for awhile, and as soon as I had some funds set aside I grabbed a baby on eBay and ordered a custom from her. I can’t decide which one is awesomer! And she adds so many treats to the boxes, its like Christmas and your Birthday at the same time! I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next! Thanks so much, Bean!

  17. Shawn August 13, 2013

    Those babies you have lovingly created are so realistic. I came across your cute video by accident while looking for a zombie baby I saw on eBay last year. I am taken aback by the details of your talent. Maybe someday I can adopt and give a home to one. But I just wanted you to know I love your work and give the babies a kiss for me.

  18. kiara August 13, 2013

    you do really good work so keep it up

  19. vicki rutt August 15, 2013

    i love your work i want one so bad

  20. Tiona and Cory August 22, 2013

    our lil angel arrived today… I never thought I would come to the idea of wanting or liking vampire babies until I got onto this very website…. no regrets made that’s for sure. bean has gone way beyond realism and brought TIFFANY- MARIE O’CONNOR to life…. its a dream come true.. so thank u bean for all the hours and effort to done to give me a miracle baby. I will be back for another one when I have more money 🙂 I recommend bean to anyone I can she is just amazing :p

  21. Diane S. August 22, 2013

    While on Facebook I saw a post for your dolls. They are absolutely amazing. The detail is so real. It would be hard to choose one cause there are so many that are wonderful. Maybe in the future I can own one. Keep up the great work and never mind about the negative cause there are too many that love your work…

  22. Christy September 23, 2013

    My daughter so needs a bean baby? please let me know…. HOW!!!!!

  23. Tanisha Jade September 24, 2013

    My mum recently told me about your dolls and from the second I searched you online I fell in love. I have been searching through your photos for hours and hours just admiring your beautiful creations. The details and hard work that you put into making your babies makes me speechless I just cant get enough. Looking through your gallery I stumbled onto ‘Maddox’ and my heart melted. I was admiring his beautiful eyes and facial expression. I am only a student at the moment but im going to start saving and im hopeing by Christmas ill be able to order a baby from you. WELL DONE AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. Your amazing bean and I don’t know you but I feel just listening to your voice on youtube like ive known you for years. peace and love <3

  24. Anna September 26, 2013

    Hi! I’m new to reborns and into zombies and vampires. As soon as I saw these adorable babies I was thrilled! Saving up for one!

  25. Jada November 19, 2013

    Ever since the first time I saw one of your babies I knew one day I had to have one, not I am blessed to have 2. They are the most amazing works of art and I just love them to pieces!!!!
    Cant wait to get another one of your beansprouts in the future 🙂
    – Jada <3

  26. Freida December 2, 2013

    The cozy baby vampire is the most soft, and adorable little baby I have ever held. I need to have one for myself X3

  27. katvader March 10, 2014

    Bean went far beyond my expectations when she zomborned my sally kit. She is incredible and so adorable. I can’t get over the realism and artsy style of these babies and look forward to buying many more from bean!

  28. Susan March 14, 2014

    Hi Bean
    I just wanted to thank you again for Meadow . She is the most beautiful fairy baby
    and i am so delighted with her. She is just so perfect in every way!
    When she first arrived ,i was so impressed by how truly life like she looks and feels.
    Thank you too, for the lovely extra little gifts that arrived with her.They were so lovely.
    You are a special girl and it never seizes to amaze me,just how creative and gifted you truly are:
    You have been so warm ,kind ,helpful and reassuring especially when Meadow was being shipped and
    i was so stressed out.
    Looking forward to adopting many more 🙂

  29. Claudia Daniels March 17, 2014

    Received my second baby from this wonderful Artist. my little bean Vampire arrived yesterday, she is the cutest ever and makes a wonderful sister to my Zombie, Judith I received last year. I love her, and I will be back for more. Thank you very much, I am in love with her and your work. Photos will follow as soon as I have her signed by the Being Human Actors in August.

  30. vicki kennedy April 3, 2014

    bean stalk lover!!!!!!!

  31. Keisha June 28, 2014

    I adore them! I watched the video with growing excitement. They are pure works of art! I WILL be a client someday, when I’ve saved up the money. They are so unique and I’ll have a hard time deciding which I would want! I hope you have good fortune off of these because they are so worth it! Excellent work!

  32. Bailey February 9, 2015

    I loved my reborn she was gorgeous and well packaged. I’m in love and I will never part from her

  33. samantha March 31, 2015

    I have always adored beans babies I own several of them twinkle is my favorite but love them all above and beyond she’s an amazing creative ooak artist!!! Never to be duplicated.

  34. Kayla May 15, 2018

    I got Axel my werepup today. He’s a handsome little man, his photos don’t do him justice. When I first got his kit, I had trouble finding someone who reborned monsters. When I saw Bean’s website I knew who to contact! She would always contact me within a few days if not the same day. Funny emails were had. Overall a great experience!

  35. Deirdre Quigley October 19, 2018

    I’m also so privileged to own one of beans amazing little pixies.her name is addi- bean,after her creator.she is so special to me and it was so great and easy to work with bean,she so different and special and just does her own thing and I really admire that about now wanting to get a second pixie from her as a twin for my first but I know how in demand she is,thank you bean so much from deirdre at deirdresrebornsandlupuslife xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  36. Tia R October 28, 2018

    Thanks to my awesome cousin who introduced me to Beans babies and deciding I should own one also I just received my first Bean zombaby and I absolutely LOVE her. We had the pleasure of going trunk-or-treating (small town version of trick-or-treating) and I took my precious one along with my children. Other than 1 lady creeping out, everyone else absolutely loved her and asked where to get their own. I think Bean’s customer list will be growing. Great work by a VERY talented lady. I’ll be saving up to add to more to my nursery.

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