Bean Shanine


“An eccentric artist is making a living out of the dead – by creating incredibly spooky zombie dolls which are proving a hit around the world. From vampire-like teeth to pale skin and piercing red eyes, creative Bean Shanine, 32, dedicates up to eight hours a day bringing to ‘life’ her zombie babies.”



Im so PROUD to announce ALL MY AWARDS!




The Rose Doll Show through The Twisted Beanstalks eyes

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The Twisted Beanstalk will be attending the Rose show in Utah 2017 Come say hi!

 The Twisted Bean Stalk Nursery will be attending the ROSE show in Salt Lake City Utah, July 22 to July 24/2016 COME by and say HI to Bean!!

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The Twisted Bean Stalk Nursery, Artist Bean Shanine<<<That’s me WON Artist of the Year at the Rose show, Denver!!

I also won to be a Prototype artist!!! There were 100 BABIES in the CONTEST, what an Honor that was AS WELL!!



My Story

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved to draw and create whatever I could. When I was in high-school, art class was my complete favorite – straight A’s of course! As I got older, I figured I just wouldn’t be able to “make it” as an artist and began to drift away from my habits of drawing and painting… But then, in 2010…


in 2010, I stumbled upon the concept of reborn’s. Right away, I saw the opportunity to sell these “paintings” all over the world. I was amazed – to say the least – at how real some people could make their “dolls” appear! So I thought: “Hmmmm, it sure would be cute to have a reborn little vampire…” After realizing there weren’t any out there, I decided to just make one myself!

That’s where it all began. After the first doll I made sold quickly on eBay, I was completely ready to dive in. It’s been over a year now and I still can’t stop making my adorable little creepy monster babies!

But I really don’t stop there, I have made pretty babies, punk toddlers, vampires and zombies – I love all of them just the same! I feel so blessed to be creating a gift which leaves so many people smiling!

My babies have found homes in many different areas of the world. I can only hope to continue spreading my art worldwide!

More About Me

If you were to ask a friend of mine who am I as a person…well I would hope they would say… that I am the kind of person who has the ability to just make you smile for no reason, someone who would give you a good laugh for blurting out random things that most of the time don’t make any sense at all, kind and loving, giving and caring, a bright colorful social butterfly who definitely doesn’t get out enough, maybe a little socially slllowww (hey I told you I say random things) very ditsy but doesn’t realize it most of the time that’s why I’m always a great laugh, very bright personality and just bright in general with a sleeve of colorful tattoos and magenta pink hair, very sarcastic, my glass is always full not always empty, always going going going going and doing doing doing something (not OCD) I promise. So yeah that’s me! and Iam just getting started! So watch out Reborn world here I come.

Memory Lane

I remember when I was just 5yrs old my mom took my hand and walked me into a Mcdonalds. To my surprise a big furry bunny walked from around the corner and kinda hopped over in my direction. I was just so shocked that a bunny could be so big ( a costume of course) and why the heck a bunny was coming over to see me and why we weren’t getting our food…WELL…he knelt down, gave me his hand, can you believe I got a prize…for What might you ask?? I had WON my very first Coloring contest! It was like magic! me being there with people staring and giggling, while I smiled back at the bunny. I just couldn’t believe they picked ME! ME out of everyone that colored pictures they picked MINE!

Well I just wanted to tell everyone who have adopted babies from me and continue to believe in me…picking one of my babies out of many many artists out there just brings me right back to that wonderful childhood feeling… you picked ME? really ME? It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

THANK YOU my big fuzzy bunnies, thank you!

Reborns everywhere! Check out how far my dolls have traveled around the globe!


In the press and on the Web

Josua Hoffine Photographer

Reborn Sweet Magazine



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What are your Hours?

Oh, Hours… Seriously?! Many many many hours, and many more hours to come!